Tips For Selecting Boosters:


1. Know your plastic material both resin and content.


2. Know your type of weld joint and energy requirements.


3. Know you physical part sizes and how much gain the horn can provide.


4. Ask you supplier what amplitude is required for your application.


5. Use high gain boosters, 2.0 and above for welding medium to large size parts, especially semi-crystalline resins.


6. Use low gain boosters, 1.0 and 1.5 for welding small to medium parts and especially amorphous resins.


7. Have a complete set of boosters to cover the broadest range of projects.


8. Prototype applications to determine the optimum welding amplitude and proper booster.


9. Opt for titanium boosters when high gain is required or horns are frequently change.


The booster selection is somewhat less important than the horn design, but factor together. Consider the gain of the horn, material requirements and calculate backward to the proper booster. If you already have a booster, the same formula can be used to specify horn gain. 20 kHz application Example: Converter amplitude .0008" Horn gain factor 2.5 Resin requirement .003" .008" X 2.5 = .002 Booster gain = .003/.002 Booster gain = 1.5 (Gold)


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