General guidelines:


Be involved in specifying the horn gain with your supplier. Provide your supplier with all the necessary information, material, joint design, size or area of weld, weld requirements and work together to insure the horn gain is optimum. Understanding the calculations and amplitude requirements for any given application, takes 90% of the black box technology away from selecting horns.


The key to selecting boosters and horns is communication. Know and understand all critical factors of your application. Reveal all application data to your supplier along with drawings. Provide samples or SLA models whenever possible. Be involved and ask the right questions. How much welding amplitude is required for my application? What combination of booster and horn gain will get me to this amplitude? Is my horn a reliable design or at risk of fracture? How much wear will I experience with my application? How often will I have to repair or replace the horn? What affects will wear have on my weld results? What is the recommended horn material? The best companies work closely with the customer in the design stage and budget for developmental work. Budget for prototyping and allow enough time to correctly implement the process. Almost 100% of projects that initially struggle in production are due to insufficient development work and design problems.


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